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Metal Braces in Concord and Davidson, NC

When most people think of braces, the image of traditional metal braces comes to mind. Before other types of braces were used to straighten teeth, gold and silver were and still are popular and practical options for orthodontia. This is because metal braces are effective and affordable.

Before we take X-rays or place brackets on your teeth, you and our orthodontists will talk about what you want and the best method to achieve that, as well as budget and timetable. Based on our conversation, our orthodontists will make a recommendation about which option serves you best. Reasons that many people choose metal from our orthodontic practice include:

  • Metal braces are extremely affordable.
  • Our orthodontic office offers the most comfortable design in metal.
  • Today's metal braces use a smaller bracket size than ever before.
Woman Wearing Metal Braces in Davidson NC

Child Wearing Metal Braces in Davidson NC

Traditional Metal Braces

We recommend the traditional metal braces for many of our patients because of their durability and strength. These metal braces are a great option for children and young teens if you are worried about their ability to keep up their dental health and maintain the traditional brace with metal style.

We offer gold metal braces and silver metal braces. Gold is becoming increasingly popular because of its rich appeal, although silver remains a constant for many, as it is the most traditional among the selections. However, many of our customers prefer gold, as these offer a great look.

Orthodontic Treatment in Concord and Davidson, NC

When you want and need orthodontic treatment, but are concerned about the cost, metal braces are a viable option as these are usually the least expensive. However, there are other plus factors with orthodontia. Did you know that metal requires the least amount of orthodontic treatment time? This is definitely a big advantage, as you will have that perfect smile in a shorter time and at less expense. Following up on the cosmetics, we offer our patients options when it comes to ligature - the small rubber bands used to connect the brackets. There are many different colors available with tooth-colored shades serving to hide the ligature, and darker hues that cover smoking and coffee stains.

Even with the advent of other types of braces, metal remains the most popular with orthodontics in Concord and Davidson. Any concerns you may have of metal irritating your gums can be taken care of with an application of wax to the brackets, and the adjustment of the inside of your mouth to the braces.