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Orthodontic News in Concord and Davidson, NC

Does it seem as if orthodontic news is sometimes hard to understand? Whether you are a parent of a child with braces or you are getting orthodontic services yourself, staying up-to-date about the changes of orthodontics can improve your experience in our office. Zammitti & Gidaly Orthodontics practices orthodontics and also maintains an orthodontic blog for our patient base to enjoy. We believe a well-informed patient is a more satisfied patient, one that is equipped to take on the challenges of his or her own care.  

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We look forward to keeping you updated with everything you need to know about relevant orthodontic news. In addition, our blog covers the basics of treatment so you can educate yourself about the current use and future uses of orthodontics. Get prepared for your first consultation, future check-ups, and more when you read our blog. Book an appointment with our team today after you read through our orthodontic news in Concord and Davidson, NC.

Educate Yourself about the Basics of Orthodontics

Just as with any other doctor, the words uses at an orthodontist’s office may seem unusual or difficult to grasp. From rubber bands to expanders, our tools and processes are unfamiliar at the beginning of orthodontia treatment. We are here to help you understand the fundamentals of dental diagnosis and treatment for abnormalities in the teeth, jaw, and gums.

So, where do you start? Our staff does everything we can to make sure you are comfortable in our office. If this includes explaining your treatment plan to you more than once, we are available. At times, we use video technology to show you exactly what to expect and explain the advantages of specific forms of treatment over others. Some of the basics of orthodontics and recent orthodontic news include the following questions and answers:

Where to Start with Orthodontic Care

What Does an Orthodontist Do?
An orthodontist is a dental expert that specializes in the straightening of teeth and the correction of the jaw if proper placement is not established naturally. Not only are aesthetics improved, but the overall health of the mouth and teeth can also be enhanced.

How Do I Know I Need an Orthodontist?
There is no quick way to know you need an orthodontist just by looking at your teeth. The majority of patients come to us because of a dentist’s recommendations. In addition, you may feel like you need to see an orthodontist for aesthetic reasons.

How Old is the Right Age for Braces?
While it is easier for younger patients to go through orthodontic treatment, there is no optimal age for braces. We treat adults, young adults, and children. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children get evaluated by the time they are seven.

Will I Have to See an Orthodontist for the Rest of My Life?
No, you will not need to see an orthodontist for the rest of your life. Just like other specialists, you come to us for a few years of treatment and once you have reached the maintenance stage of treatment, you no longer have to visit.  

All About Braces

What Do Orthodontists Use Braces for?
Braces are a great tool that orthodontists use to correct teeth abnormalities such as overbites, underbites, and cross bites. After correction, teeth with be straighter, the bite will line up, and it will be easier to speak. They are also used to straighten teeth for optimal aesthetic results. Brace types include invisible braces, traditional metal braces and clear braces. All of these options perform similar tasks but can look slightly more or less appealing to the wearer.

How Long Do Braces Stay on the Teeth?
Braces stay on as long as necessary for optimal results. The orthodontist will have the best understanding of when and how long braces will need to stay on. This can vary between six to 30 months. Customarily, braces stay on approximately two years for basic corrections.

Do Braces Hurt?
Braces put tension onto the teeth, gums and cheeks. However, this tension or pain dissipates over the first few days of wear. Discomfort from wearing braces is normal and can be experienced through mild soreness and slight pain associated with the tension. The actual application of the braces to the teeth does not hurt because your teeth do not have nerve endings.

Can I Get Clear Braces?
Every patient is different and this type of braces is most often used in cases of aesthetic correction for adults and older teenagers. The orthodontist will determine the right method of treatment for the patient.

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Other Questions for the Orthodontist

Does the Orthodontist Cost a Lot?
Compared to the dental care you may need if your orthodontic condition is untreated, orthodontia is affordable. In addition, many insurance plans cover a part of the cost, especially for younger patients.

Do You Work with My Dentist?
Orthodontists and dentists are able to work together to provide you with a clear treatment plan. While under orthodontic care, you will still visit your dentist for cleanings and cavities but the orthodontist will work with you for jaw issues, teeth alignment, and other issues.

Stay Updated on the Latest News from Reputable Orthodontists

Turn to us if you want to keep up-to-date with everything that you need to know about orthodontist news. Our established orthodontics blog was created to transform the way our patient base thinks. We want you to feel at ease and prepared when you enter our office for your first appointment and everyone subsequent one. Equip yourself with the knowledge you want for a successful visit, every time, by keeping updated concerning orthodontist news.  

Visit our orthodontic blog for some of the most up-to-date information in the dental health industry. Contact us today to learn more about orthodontic treatment or any of the orthodontist news mentioned in our posts. We are proud to serve residents of Concord, Huntersville, Charlotte, Kannapolis, Davidson, and the surrounding cities.